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Dementia Care Insights During COVID-19

Michelle Cornelius

Director of Memory Care Programs at Cypress Homecare Solutions and a dementia care expert at Honor

A dementia care expert and educator, Cornelius highlights the unique challenges professional caregivers face—and defines the training and skill sets needed to support people living with dementia.

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The Future of Home Care

Who Cares? invites you to get in on the conversation. We’re talking with innovators and thought leaders in home care and other experts along the care continuum. Let’s learn together so we can work together—and improve home care for everyone.

Recent Podcast Episodes

Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider

Inspiring Better End-of-Life Care

The visionary physician behind The End Well Project discusses why most doctors are not better prepared to support patients’ holistic end-of-life care and shares why it’s so important for care at the end to align with personal wishes and life values.

Vicki Hoak

HCAOA's Response to Covid-19

Learn what other home care agency owners are doing—and not doing—in response to this health crisis and how HCAOA, under Hoak’s leadership as Executive Director, is advocating for professional caregivers and driving policy change in 2020.

SAGE Panel Discussion 4

Spotlight on the Workforce Shortage

How are experts in LA County addressing today’s caregiver shortage and planning for the future? Hear from panelists Shannon Sedgwick, Jessica Ku Kim, and Jenna Hauss, moderated by Andrea Cohen, CEO at HouseWorks. 

Deborah Kan

Alzheimer’s and Brain Health News

Looking for breaking news on Alzheimer’s and other diseases affecting the brain? Deborah Kan, Founder and Executive Editor, launched beingpatient.com to bridge the gap between the latest research news and the people who need it most. 

SAGE Panel Discussion 3

Innovative Models for Senior Living

Explore the next generation of creative living environments—and what’s helping older adults thrive at home—with our SAGE experts: Jennifer Clymer, Amy Sweet, Mindy Baker, Ph.D., and Loren Shook, moderated by Greg McCarthy. Recorded live at SAGE/2019.

SAGE Panel Discussion 2

The New Language of Aging

How are lifestyles and attitudes changing the way we speak to and represent older adults? How can we avoid ageism and unconscious bias in our messaging? Learn from our panel of experts: Helen Dennis and Fred Siegel, moderated by Cameron Tuttle.

SAGE Fireside Chat

Can Tech Innovation Transform the Aging Market?

Seth Sternberg, Honor Co-Founder and CEO, in conversation with Yoky Matsuoka, Ph.D., Vice President at Google. This episode was recorded live at SAGE/2019.

SAGE Panel Discussion 1

The Demographics of Dementia

How is new learning advancing the ways we train professionals, families, and the public to meet the growing demand for care? Find out from our SAGE/2019 panel of experts: Dr. Scott Kaiser, Michelle Cornelius, Susan Howland, and moderator Bob Roth.

Dr. Bill Thomas

What Are Old People For?

Dr. Bill Thomas—renowned geriatrician, entrepreneur, author, and elder advocate—kicked off SAGE/2019, with a thought-provoking keynote that challenges common perceptions of older adults and inspires those who care for them to do it even better. 

Dr. Bruce Chernof

For the Quality of Health and Life

The SCAN Foundation works to transform care for older adults in ways that preserve dignity. What’s working now? What still needs to be done to improve the quality of health and life for aging Americans? Get an inspiring update from a dedicated leader and advocate.

Jo Alch

A Big Heart Drives Big Success

Jo Alch, Owner and Director of Nursing of Acappella In Home Care, started her business at her kitchen table in 2006. Today, she has 425 employees and runs the largest independent in-home nursing and personal health care agency in Dallas. 

Evin Ollinger

Golden Financial Care

Evin Ollinger, Co-Founder and CEO of Golden, is on a mission to improve the financial health of older adults. Learn how his startup is helping adult children provide financial care for their parents, protect against fraud, and find smart ways to pay for care.

Stephanie Peters

Modernizing Care Management

How are today’s best care managers supporting older adults, their families, and home care agencies? Stephanie Peters, CEO and Founder of Enable Care Management, discusses how she’s redefining this service, often working directly with agencies.

Dr. Bruce Leff

Hospital at Home 2019

Dr. Bruce Leff, Director of The Center for Transformative Geriatric Research and Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, reports from the front line of geriatric healthcare, highlighting the most effective home-based care today.

Bob Roth

Be the Expert in Your Market

Bob Roth, Managing Partner of Cypress HomeCare Solutions, has built his family’s 25-year-old home care agency into one of the most respected in Phoenix. Bob's offers advice on growing a successful agency—and his candid reaction to the Honor Care Network.

Shirley Otis-Green

The Power of Palliative Care

“Palliative care isn't about giving up or taking away options—it's about adding an extra layer of support,” says Shirley Otis-Green, the Founder of Collaborative Caring, who is working to educate practitioners and redefine palliative care.

Amy Sweet

Mastering the Art of Recruiting

Amy Sweet, Founder and CEO of Halcyon Home based in Austin, Texas, shares her creative approach to recruiting and staffing, plus the secret to her agency’s amazing reputation and rapid growth since launching in 2012.

Meredith Caplin

More Myself, And Doubling My Business

Meredith Caplin, Founder and CEO of CSS Home Care in Oakland, California, shares her experience as one of the first Honor Care Network Partners—and how she’s grown her business while improving care. 

Katy Fike, PhD

Innovation, Aging, and Technology

Katy Fike, co-founder of Aging2.0, a global startup innovation network, and founding partner of Generator Ventures, shares her take on key trends and the most exciting companies to watch in the senior care space.

Dr. Noah Marco

Innovative L.A. Jewish Home

Dr. Noah Marco, Chief Medical Officer at Los Angeles Jewish Home, discusses new innovations in care and what's needed most to improve post-acute care and ongoing wellness for older adults along the care continuum.

Melanie Stover

Home Care Sales Success

Home care sales made simple—and successful. Melanie Stover, President and Co-Founder of Home Care Sales, shares her sales training expertise and tips for home care agency owners and reps looking to up their sales game.

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Headshot of Cameron Tuttle

Cameron Tuttle

Cameron is the Editorial and Content Director at Honor and also the producer and co-host of the Who Cares? podcast. As a creative lead on the Marketing team, she is Honor’s brand voice police, drives content strategy, and writes a ton of copy. After hours, Cameron is working on a new novel, The Caregivers.

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Randy Allen

Randy is the VP of Sales and Partnerships at Honor and co-host of the Who Cares? podcast. Prior to his current role leading Honor’s partnerships team for the Southwest region, Randy led the sales organization for the Honor Home Care agency. Randy lives with his adorable family in San Mateo—and does a crazy-good Elvis impersonation.