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Our core marketing goals

Honor’s mission is to provide better care for our parents. We get to be the champions of this mission—creating a brand that people love and trust. As a marketing team, these are the four things we’re looking to achieve together.

1. Build a legacy brand

We’re building a brand that continually shows up every day—allowing Honor the privilege to be invited into homes of older adults across the country.

2. Connect with our customers

From our Care Pros (caregivers), partners to clients we take a human-first approach. We're looking to connect and create an experience worth sharing.

Our audience

3. Create beautiful content

We’re constantly testing and exploring new ways to authentically tell stories, to use our voice, and to create meaningful content.

4. Elevate our community

We are a group of thought leaders and innovators looking to collectively raise the bar of the home care industry.

The Honor h

Meet the marketing team

We are a scrappy team that likes to work hard—and have fun doing it. We value diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experience levels.

How can you succeed here at Honor?

Marissa Muller, VP of Marketing, shares her insights on what it takes to make an impact at Honor.

What aspect of the Honor culture keeps you at the company?

Joshua Bruner reflects Honor's uniqueness after 6 years at the company.

What does your typical day look like?

Sarah Grivakis, Brand Design Manager, gives a glimpse into a-day-in-the-life of the Honor Marketing team.

Frequently asked questions

What is the market landscape?

This is an incredibly exciting industry that’s only growing. Today, non-medical home care is a $30 billion industry; we get to re-imagine the entire ecosystem and provide a new way to care for our parents. Honor is uniquely positioned with no direct competitor and is well capitalized with $255 million in funding. It’s a greenfield opportunity—and ours for the taking!

What do you work on?

No two days are alike for the marketing team. We get to cover a lot of ground from supporting internal teams to leading large marketing campaigns. Our team builds sales tools, hosts our annual conference SAGE, engages our database of leads and clients, and develops national brand awareness and demand generation campaigns.

How do you work together?

We’re a close knit team with a daily morning meeting, and we’re in constant communication through Slack. When in doubt, we’re quick to pick up the phone and ask questions or resolve issues. We’re still learning how to work together as a remote team and are always open to new ideas to create connections.

What are some of your biggest challenges?

One of our biggest challenges is that we’re a small team that is way too popular. Every department wants something from marketing so we are building a better request process and prioritization strategy to ensure we’re working on the right projects that have the biggest impact.

What’s your team culture like?

We are an eclectic group of individuals with different backgrounds that value creative thinking and having fun. We are looking to shake up an antiquated industry—to succeed it requires a fresh perspective and courage to bring new ideas to the table. We encourage out of the box thinking, experimenting and pushing boundaries.

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