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The best of both worlds.

Our partners stay independent and in control of their brand and client relationships. We share our large pool of caregivers, manage recruiting, scheduling, and payroll—and take over other back office hassles so our partners can provide even better care to more clients.

When you join Honor, you don’t get a vendor—you get a true partner. Our team works with you to help you grow your agency through digital marketing, sales training, and access to strategic partnerships. By combining our unique strengths, we each can do what we do best—and ensure a seamless care experience for your clients.

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100% Care Network Partner satisfaction.


out of 5 stars average rating from Honor clients.


of our partners report a better work-life balance.


of your time can be spent growing your business— not the usual 20%.

Access to more caregivers

Honor is building the largest, best team of caregivers ever assembled. And we retain them because we’re able to offer our caregivers consistent, steady jobs. You’ll have access to Honor’s pool of vetted, trained, reliable Care Pros. And you’ll never have to turn away a new client or struggle to staff a last-minute call-off.

Technology for better care

Our care coordination technology makes it easier for clients to schedule care and stay informed. Our workforce management technology helps caregivers arrive on time, be more prepared, and better able to do their job—and lets us capture important wellness information in the home.

A complete operations solution

Outsource your headaches. We’ll handle your back office operations, including HR—yes, that’s caregiver scheduling, performance, payroll—plus billing, insurance, and compliance. You’re able to focus more on delivering a high-touch care experience to your clients.

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Better care, faster growth.

Agency owner

Honor has provided their expertise in technology and HR while allowing us to maintain our position as a dementia care leader in our community. The tech really enhances communication between Retreat at Home and families.

Lena Ernst, PhD Owner, Retreat Healthcare, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Agency owner

We got to where we needed to hire two operations people if we wanted to grow our business. If we grew too fast, we’d dilute our energy and services. Now that we’ve partnered with Honor, we’re scaling up like we never could before.

Scott Stanley President, Caring Hands Caregivers, Cupertino, California

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I keep my current clients?

Yes. We understand that your clients have chosen you and your agency for a reason—and that they value the relationship you’ve built with them. While Honor takes over your day-to-day client management, you’ll continue to be involved in high-level care management for your current and future clients, to the extent that works best for you.

Can I continue to use my own brand?

Absolutely. Your agency’s reputation is your brand. It’s the name that families and referral partners in your community know and trust. They value your brand—and so do we. Honor will work with you to help build awareness of your brand through digital marketing and other tactics. Your agency remains an independent business and brand as you leverage our operational support to grow and take on more clients.

How many partners do you have?

We currently have Care Network partnerships in many regions in six states—California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Ohio, and Michigan. And we’re adding new partners every month, expanding our network coverage both within these markets and into new markets in new states.

How many partners do you plan to have in a region? Can I be your exclusive partner in my region?

We’re only looking to partner with the top few agencies in any region, based on a variety of criteria—the highest quality care and care management, deep roots and strong relationships in their community, and an exceptional overall reputation.

How proven is your partnership model?

Since we first launched the Care Network in 2017, Honor has experienced strong growth. More importantly, our Care Network Partners also have enjoyed substantial revenue growth within the first six months of partnering with Honor. By combining the high-touch care management of top local agencies with Honor’s operational expertise and large pool of reliable caregivers, we expect to see even stronger growth as more partners join Honor.

Are you a competitor to independent home care agencies?

No, we’re not competitive with our Care Network Partners. Honor is only successful if we help our Partner agencies grow. We’re committed to working together with local agencies who join the Honor Care Network, sharing insights and improving efficiencies, to deliver more reliable, quality care to more families—and grow together.

What would stop you from launching your own home care agency in my market?

Honor is committed to the partnership model as our go-to-market strategy. We leverage our existing Honor Home Care agency, which provides care in multiple markets, to evaluate and perfect our approach to care delivery, including new technology features and policy changes. This allows Honor to give our Partner agencies the best tools and enhancements to thrive in their local markets.

How do you choose your partners? What are you looking for in a partner?

Honor selects Care Network Partners very carefully, based on three primary factors: an excellent reputation in their community, spirit of innovation, and shared core values. We believe this alignment creates the strongest foundation for our mutual success.

What are your caregiver hiring standards? What qualifications do you require your caregivers to have?

Honor has rigorous hiring standards that go well above and beyond typical caregiver screening and interviewing. We’re setting the bar higher, to ensure the safety of our care recipients and the best possible care experience for families. In addition to several rounds of interviews to verify experience and skills, Honor also screens each candidate for temperament and a genuine passion for caregiving to be sure we only hire amazing caregivers.

When a shift calls off, how do you fill it? And what if you can’t fill it on time?

We’ve built a unique care delivery and management system that uses advanced technology to keep our Care Managers informed and able to resolve call-offs and other shift scheduling issues quickly. Our technology supports our Care Team, and our Care Team supports our clients and families, keeping them informed about any last-minute changes to ensure seamless care. And Honor manages this entire process—so you don’t have to.

Do you file long-term care (LTC) insurance information for clients?

Yes, we handle LTC insurance filing for our clients.

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